Eden Counselling & Psychotherapy

Eden Counselling & Psychotherapy was initially created in 2012. It has now grown a team of like-minded, experienced and specialised therapists. 

With the expansion of this team we were contacted to help with their online presence and image. 

This initially started with a rebrand of their current branding to bring it inline with a more inclusive gender neutral image but also helping lift the brand to a more professional look and feel.

Then the website which online needed to be simple, allow users to find Eden Counselling & Psychotherapy online, give them a breif over view of who they are and what they do and how to contact them.

When we designed this website and brand we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the clients who might want to use this service. This really helped us condense the content in the site and think about how we directed the users to the contact as simply as possible.

Branding, Digital Media Managment, Web Design