We were contacted by the guys at Salt Factory Sports about a complete overhaul of their website which was very outdated, but also to help streamline their online content to allow it easier for their users to really understand what they do, get the information they would be looking for and then contact them.

Salt Factory Sports original website used a large amount of their brand colours on the website, we stripped this back and used their colours a lot more effectively throughout the site, maintaining their brand image but giving the site a much more professional look and feel.

We also streamlined, refined and organised the content on the website to give users just enough information but in a simple easy to follow way.

Through some of these simple changes, we have managed to really elevate Salt Factory Sports online image and give the a professional looking website that represents them and the work they do well.

Benji at Ark Digital Media did a great job of designing our new website. He's patient, creative and clearly explained what would work and what wouldn't work. Def would recommend Ark Digital Media...