Plumbing & Heating is one of the website under the Karen McAvoy Publishing banner, working with KMP we were asked to complete redesign and develop their three main websites. There was a lot of moving parts as not only did the website need to have a way of  categorizing and displaying their news and products from their magazine – the company offered a lot of different online features, including advertisement space, a web directory and a job listing dashboard.

We successfully implemented a completely new categorizing system for their online posts and also setup an auto social posting feature so that all of their posts automatically go to their social media platforms, along with a new job dashboard, directory platform and a total overhaul of their website look and feel.

Another challenge with the KMP project was having the three websites Northern Builder, Electrical Magazine and Plumbing & Heating Magazine that looked part of the same family but that were all individually unique in their own right.

We have a continued relationship with KMP as we now manage all their digital media which includes maintenance, management, SEO, continued development and much more.