The guys needed a website for their new business, along with helping getting them setup on google business so that their website could be found online easily.

We setup the google business page alongside their new website, made sure the two were connected along with SEO on the website to ensure that it will perform to the best of its ability and serve them and their customers well.

The team were also facing an issue in store with their menu so we created an online menu within the website, that is then connected to a QR code in the shop so that their customers can easily access and view their menu, not only making it easy for the guys in the shop but also to make changes easily.

We also had the pleasure of designing up some physical menus as well for those of us who still like to read the real thing!

Mobile optimisation was a big emphasis on this website as the majority of users will be using the site on the go and on their phone so we really made sure that it was super easily accessible, simple to navigate and loads really fast on all mobile devices!