Axion media got in touch with us to help with the launch of their new business branding. They I didnt have any strong preferences in terms of how exactly they envisioned the brand to look so they allowed us to exercise our creativity.

They wanted the brand to feel relatively simple, modern and fresh. They had the plan on animating the logo/name using a couple different vfx techniques to show off the new brand and how diverse their skills are. So we needed to have something that can easily be dropped into different scenarios and not feel super out of place.

With this we went away and provided the guys with multiple different options, all of them we went for a more simple logo design to allow for easy animation and then really lent into the colours and exploring how we could utilise these best and come up with a colour palette that complimented this.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ark for their branding services, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. I reached out to them for help establishing my brand identity, and was very particular with how I wanted the brand to look and feel. Ark took the time to truly understand my vision and goals, which was evident in the branding concepts they presented. They provided a range of innovative ideas and designs, allowing me to choose the one that perfectly encapsulated the essence of my business. The end result exceeded my expectations. My brand's new identity is a true reflection of the passion and dedication that I wanted to portray and viewers to understand.